Fire Rated Duct Access Doors

Access Doors

Leminar range of fire rated duct access doors has been designed to allow easy and convenient access to the equipments within HVAC ductwork, while providing a secure, positive seal when closed.


  • 22G galvanised steel flanged frame for strength.
  • Double skinned 24 G galvanised door panel.
  • 1 inch thick insulation.
  • Notched knock over tabs and camlock fasteners.
  • Positive seal synthetic gaskets.
  • Safety retaining chain on removable door as an option item.
  • Continuous piano type hinge standard on model AD-HCL

Product Features

  • Progressive action, zinc plated camlocks for secure closure 1 inch (25 mm) thick insulation for reduced noise and heat transfer (2 inch thick insulation option is also available).
  • Synthetic gaskets for positive seal.
  • Sizes and models to suit most applications.
  • Available hinges and safety chains (option).
  • Meets SMACNA construction specifications.

Non-fire-rated access doors

Fire-rated access doors