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The Fenland FireDuct System is an augmented ductwork construction utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques to which an intumescent coating is factory applied. As the coating is spray applied, this allows the ductwork system to be manufactured in any cross-sectional shape to suit the application. Thus, producing a flanged single skin Fire Rated Ductwork system that ensures stability and integrity of up to 4 hours.
Leminar Air Conditioning Industries is the sole manufacturing licensee for Fenland Fire Duct System-UK for the geographical market covering UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. All Leminar personnel are trained by Fenland Fire Contracts Ltd. UK (FFC-UK) for its applications and constructional requirements.

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Originated in the United Kingdom, distinguished acoustics solution provider in the United Arab Emirates. Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services offers bespoke technical expertise for the design and manufacturing of acoustics products.
Galloway Acoustics Engineering Services LLC. is a distinguished acoustic solution provider in the UAE, focused on the transfer of knowledge, technology, and proprietary manufacturing processes with sheet metal fabricators and other manufacturing businesses catering to the HVAC industry or other associated industrial areas.
Our team of highly qualified and experienced acoustic engineers, consultants, and trainers will help you master the art of manufacturing an array of quality acoustic products, including silencers/attenuators, industrial silencers, louvers, enclosures, and screens.
We have bonafide experience in creation, commencement, development and growth of acoustic companies and divisions. Our technically and commercially competent senior management team acts as a catalyst and reference point, thus providing a potent force for the successful execution of all aspects of your new venture

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