Sound Attenuators

Leminar Air Conditioning Industries is the sole manufacturing licensee for Galloway Acoustics-UK product range for the geographical market covering UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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Test and Certifications

Galloway Acoustics range of silencers has been independently tested to BS 4718 and ISO 7235 on a UKAS accredited rig at Salford University (England, UK). These tests were undertaken to determine static insertion losses, flow- generated noise, and pressure loss on a set range of silencers fabricated with specific acoustic splitter and airway dimensions.
Also the sound attenuators are tested to BS 476 part 24:1987 for 2 hrs fire rating for temperatures up to 300-degree Celcius by Exova Warringtonfire UK. No additional fire coating is required in this case for temperatures up to 300 degrees Celcius.
Key technical personnel from Leminar have been fully experts at Galloway Acoustics (UK) with respect to acoustic design, calculations, and selection of the range of silencers. The design engineers at Galloway Acoustics are readily available to assist Leminar with technical queries as and when required.
All silencers at the Leminar factory are manufactured as per the guidelines of Galloway Acoustics (UK). This ensures continuity of the product-tested performance across all projects where ‘Galloway Silencers’ is used. Therefore, the acoustic products as manufactured by Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, wLLC would require no further acoustic testing.


Acoustic & Non-Acoustic Louvres


Galloway Acoustics have designed their range of acoustic and non-acoustic louvres and can accommodate all potential applications that may require the use of lovers. All the acoustic options have been tested at Salford University to UKAS-accredited standards.

Standard Construction Specifications & Models

Acoustic and complimentary non-acoustic louvres
There are four types of acoustic louvres
L-AS-150Single Bank 150mm deep, 150mm pitch
L-AD-150High performance Double Bank 2 nos.
150mm deep (304mm overall),
150mm pitch
L-AS-300 Single Bank 300mm deep, 150mm pitch
L-AD-300High performance Double Bank 2 nos.
300mm deep (604mm overall),
150mm pitch

Acoustic single leaf or double leaf louvred doors can be manufactured from either the 150mm or 300mm deep design.

'However, in both the cases, it is offered as a single bank option due to practical space and weight restrictions.

Alternatively a non-acoustic louvred door can be offered with a back blanking plate to match areas of louvre banks that require the acoustic performance of a double bank design.

Acoustic Design

The acoustic performance figures for our standard range of acoustic louvres are shown opposite. These are based upon sound insulation (Sound Reduction Index) tests carried out by Salford University in a UKAS-accredited test facility and procedure in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3 1995.

Sound Reduction Index

Sound Reduction Index Defined as a set of values measured by a specific test method to establish the actual amount of sound that will be stopped by the material, partition or panel when located between two rooms.’


Noise Reduction – Used to define the performance of a noise barrier. Established by measuring the difference in sound pressure levels adjacent to each surface.


Acoustic Enclosures & Screens

Galloway Acoustics enclosure/screen systems are based upon five standard panel designs coded 1 to 5, type 1 being of the lowest acoustic performance and type 5 being the highest. The differences between panels 1 and 5 are created by the application of varying infill components into the standard panel thicknesses.
The panel types 1 to 5 can be incorporated into three construction systems primarily aimed at different applications.
H-Frame – A cost-effective industrial enclosure/screen system with a varied panel connection methods.
Pentapost – High acoustic performance system with a quality aesthetic appearance. Used primarily for enclosure/screen systems that require architecturally pleasing details (fixings can be hidden) coupled with good acoustic performance.
Frameless/Site Assembly System – Primary applications for this system are internal constructions, many of which require differing aesthetic finishes applied to the internal/exposed panel face such as audiology rooms, recording studios, music practice rooms, permanent room partitions, etc. Other applications include large industrial enclosures such as automotive spray paint booths.


The acoustic performance of both the H-Frame and Pentapost designs has been tested using a 75mm thick panel for all five available panel types. The frameless/site assembly system was tested using a 100mm thick panel, again across all five-panel types. In our opinion and as indicated during these tests the difference in panel performances for the same panel type from 75 to 100mm is marginal and as such performance figures for 75mm panels can be used where a 50mm panel thickness is required.

The acoustic tests were carried out at Salford University to UKAS-accredited standards and in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3 1995.

Product range

  • Rectangular silencers of Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Aluminium construction (Class A, B & C)
  • Circular silencers of Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Aluminium construction
  • Fire rated construction meeting requirements of BS 476 part4 (Fire) and BS 5588 Part A (Smoke)
  • High temperature casing silencers are suitable for smoke extract ductwork systems, tested to BS 476 part 24 :1987 for 2 hrs fire rating for temperatures up to 300 degree celcius by Exova Warringtonfire UK and do not require any additional fire coating.
  • Multisection Silencers for any width or height
  • Vertical Bend, Horizontal Bend, T-section, Z-section silencers
  • Crosstalk attenuators
  • Silencers with Melinex lining over the infill material which are suitable for kitchen ducts, clean room applications and where hygiene is of utmost importance.
  • Acoustic and Non Acoustic louvres
  • Acoustic screens and enclosures

Major Projects

  • Muscat International Airport -MC3
  • Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Sound Stage Complex-Dubai Studio City
  • Air Traffic Control Tower, The Dubai World Central International Airport, Dubai
  • Muscat International Airport, MC1 package (Utility yard , Generator rooms, etc)
  • Royal Opera House – Cultural souk & Car Park, Muscat, Oman
  • Cooling Towers at The Wave – Muscat, Oman
  • Sultan Qaboos Hospital , Muscat, Oman
  • Barr Al Jissa Resort, Muscat, Oman
  • Accommodation Bldg for Police Staff New, Block-B Khalifa city-Abu Dhabi
  • TV Studio, Muscat, Oman
  • Laboratory Building at Dubiotech, Dubai
  • Construction of ADNOC Kindergarten and Primary School, Madinat Zayed City, Abu Dhabi
  • Sound Stages Complex, Dubai Studio City
  • Harvard Medical School, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai
  • Ministry of Finance,Muscat, Oman
  • Police Center, Sharjah
  • East & West Car Park of Mall of the Emirates, Dubai
  • Higher Techinical College, Shinas, Oman
  • Al Tayer Car Showroom, Dubai
  • Al Mussanah Airbase, Oman
  • Palm Jumeirah Marina Apartments, Dubai
  • Sidra Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Arenco Tower, Dubai
  • The Oberoi Centre, Business Bay, Dubai